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I guess you could say the writing bug bit me at an early age. Shortly after watching the first remake of King Kong, around the age of ten or eleven, I scribbled a few lines about a mutant crab attacking the city, and called it a book. I discovered poetry in my teens and continue to write verse today. However, that kid’s dream of writing a book never went away. In 2001 I decided to get serious about fiction and dabbled in short stories with some success. With my budding confidence, I attempted greater and greater word counts. Before long I had a collection of shorts and a novella that approached novel length. It was time, after waiting twenty-five years since that monstrous crustacean of my childhood, I attempted another novel in 2003 and finished the first draft just before Christmas 2004.

After I finished the first draft of my first novel, I decided to let the manuscript sit and cool. I wrote another novella and several shorts and then sat down to write a second novel in 2006.
william-r-potterBy the late Spring of last year I had a dilemma. Polish the short stories and submit them separately to magazines and anthologies or begin a second draft of one of the two novels. I decided on the stories, as the shorter writes appeared closer to being publication-ready.

The first thing I noticed about the group of fiction was the darker subject matter. I credited this gloominess to pain and sadness still lingering from my divorce of a few years previous. The shorts were getting some favourable feedback and I wondered if grouped together they might be enough for a book. I began to polish the stronger selections and completed the collection with a third novella. I pared the total down to six and then began to seek out a publisher.

I believe everyone has a darker side to their personality that troubles those who witness it. For some it is pure evil and for others it’s anger management or perhaps jealousy. The key to triumphing over this darkness is to recognise it, and to turn a light against it. This became the theme and title of the book.

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